Couples Title Pack
Couples Title Pack
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Couples Title Pack

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Name to display on the Deed

Name to display on the Deed

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What is Included

  • A dedication of a 1 square foot plot that forms part of a beautiful forest in the Scottish Highlands that you can visit at any time
  • A high resolution digital Title Certificate that you can print and frame
  • The right to use your titles of choice - "Laird", "Lord", or "Lady"
  • The satisfaction that you are helping to preserve and revitalise the Highland forests
  • A personal connection with Scotland!

Please note: we only provide digital certificates at the moment!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my Title Certificate be delivered?
We will email you a download link within 24 hours of placing your order

What is the purpose of the Title Packs?
The purpose of these title packs are to provide a truly unique and entertaining gift - you get the land, the title and the bragging rights!

You will also help to preserve and rebuild the wild Caledonian forests in the Highlands. Every order contributes to planting native trees that will in time transform open hillsides into young woodlands again.

Can I be really be called a Laird, Lord or Lady by owning a piece of land in Scotland?
Sure you can! The term Laird, Lord, or Lady is a respectful description of the owner of an estate. In this sense, the tile is tied to landownership and owning a souvenir plot in Scotland makes you a landowner.

If one looks at it logically, the whole idea is simple and fun! Amuse yourself by imagining how many tenants can a one square foot of land support? So, by all means style yourself Laird, Lord, or Lady – there’s no law against it and it shows you love Scotland and salute its heritage and traditions.

Can I really change my title?
Yes, you can! To quote from a recent article by the Registers of Scotland, the Scottish land registry: “Ownership a souvenir plot carries with it the right to use the title of Laird, Lord or Lady. However, you cannot render yourself a peer simply by changing your title to Lord and you won’t acquire a right, say, to sit in the House of Lords. You will not become noble".

Can I bequeath my Title Certificate?
Yes. You own the Title Certificate and you can pass it on in your will.

Can I buy a Title Certificate as a gift for someone else?
Sure you can. You specify the name that appears on the Title certificate when you place the order. The download link will we be emailed to you.

Where is the estate located?
In the County of Inverness-shire, close to Loch Garry, and off the A87 (the road to Skye), you will find this semi-natural woodland, where people can experience ancient beauty of Scottish pinewood and unique juniper forest.

Can I visit the estate?
Sure you can! You are welcome to visit at any time and encouraged to walk the land. Scottish tradition allows access to most land to enjoy the outdoors – as long as you behave responsibly and follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code (the short version is: disturb as little as possible, and leave only footprints behind!)

Those of you wishing to visit should be aware that the area requires basic hill-walking equipment to make your visit safe and enjoyable. 

Can I plant a flag or leave a memento?
Best you don't!! We are committed to preserving the forests by leaving it in its undisturbed natural state. Disturb as little as possible, and leave only footprints behind!

Are there any ongoing costs or taxes?
No. You make only make a single, once-off payment.

What are souvenir plots?
A Souvenir Plot according to Scottish law "... is a piece of land which, being of inconsiderable size or no practical utility, is unlikely to be wanted in isolation except for the sake of mere ownership or for sentimental reasons or for commemorative purposes.”

Is it legal to sell souvenir plots?
Yes. It is perfectly legal to sell souvenir plots of land in Scotland. There is not and never has been any legislation in Scotland to prevent anyone from selling them.

The practice of selling souvenir plots has been around for many years and has been recognized in Scottish law since 1979 (amended in 2012). Here is a more detailed explanation

Can I register a souvenir plot?
The Land Registration (Scotland) Act 2012 does not permit registration in the Land Register of souvenir plots of land. It’s not that you don’t need to, you just can’t, as it would potentially overburden the The Registers of Scotland.

What type of payments do you accept?
We use PayPal as our payment processor, and you have the option to pay with your card or PayPal account.