Become a Lord or Lady!

A unique Scottish custom allows the use of the title Lord or Lady!!

"This is unique to Scotland and lot's of fun!"

Owning only a 1 square foot plot in Scotland makes you a landowner.

Based on Scottish tradition, landowners and clan chiefs use the title "Laird" which loosely translates to "Lord" or "Lady" in English.

Become a Lord or Lady today with our Lordship and Ladyship title packs.

A Unique And Entertaining Gift

The purpose of these title certificates are to provide a truly unique and entertaining gift - you get the land, the title and the bragging rights!

Perfect for ... just having some fun with family, friends or colleagues .... celebrating your Scottish heritage ... creating a deep and lasting personal connection to Scotland

Our Title Packs Include


Revitalising the Highland Forests

Help to revitalise the wild Caledonian forest in the Highlands of Scotland. Every order contributes to planting native trees that will in time transform open hillsides into young woodlands again.

"... it gladdens the hearts of our continental cousins and enables them to obtain a splendidly medieval looking deed of title, which, no doubt, they display at some appropriate place in their homes."

Lord Geoffrey Howe of Aberavon (Solicitor-General for England and Wales retd)

“Imagine the pride and satisfaction of becoming part-owner of a real piece of Scotland. This is a genuine opportunity to acquire a truly unique gift and piece of Scottish history.”


** A souvenir plot carries with it the right to use the honorary title of Laird, Lord or Lady. However, you cannot render yourself a peer by changing your title to Lord or Lady.